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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a really productive week here. I packed away all the 7.62x39, 5.56, 9mm and 12 gauge ammo that has been accumulated over the last few months into ammo cans and updated the inventories. Over the years I have learned to do it all at once. I put the ammo into cans, write the contents on a piece of tape on the side with a market, update my inventories, throw in some silica gel and am it's all done. Not doing it this way seems to mean some part of the process gets messed up.

This time I had a few silica gel packs from something that got shipped to us. Recharged them in the oven and they were good to go. You can buy the silica gel packs for a very reasonable price if a free source does not appear. I have also used silica gel cat litter before (though I would absolutely not do so for food or food related products). This step is arguably not necessary but it makes me more comfortable so I do it on everything that is not sealed from the factory or in a spam can.

Also reorganized my level 2.5 gear (assault pack/ get home bag) and bug out bag AKA level 3 sustainment load. Some was an adjustment to a more summer load with fewer warm clothes as it is unlikely I will wear wool gloves or a heavy sweater here in Louisianian for awhile. Another component was balancing the two setups which are in theory complimentary to each other. Big fun was had.

Relooked my vehicle setup too. Tossed out some less useful things for our current situation and added some more that fill holes. Also a way to bring preparedness into cleaning out a vehicle.

Also started the garden. It is later than is ideal but is due to circumstances beyond our control. Still good to get it moving. We are looking at getting a coop and chickens with part of our tax refund.

So what did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, April 14, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I was pretty late with this last week so not much this week. Also we had guests which was big fun but didn't lend itself to getting preparedness oriented things done. Anyway since I want to get back onto the more regular schedule you get this post again today.

Filled up some gas cans in the ever continuous struggle to ensure all our stored fuel is reasonably fresh.

Restocked some disposables.

When getting some admin stuff done I realized there was some unexpected cash in my Paypal account. Probably going to get a poncho and a Mountain Serappe like Alexander Wolfe's. Also looking at making a substantial food storage purchase. So not much happening this week but lots coming down the pipe. Also we'll have the last few posts from the Fighting Load contest to wrap it up.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week

Spent a lot of time organizing the garage. Finally got it almost where I want it. We can park a car, or barely 2 cars in there which is a nice option to have. Still need to organize and inventory some stuff but at least it is all readily visible on shelves (vs piles on the floor) so that is good. Also it's a lot easier to find stuff now.

Ordered some wool socks.

Ordered a case of 5.56 ammo.

Got a bunch of disposable plates, cups, bowls and silverware. Put it all into a plastic box with a roll of trash bags. Figure enough for at least a couple weeks. Also added a case of TP to the stash.

That's what I've been up to. What did you do to prepare this week?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Have You Done Lately To Prepare?

In recent weeks this has fallen off so I want to play catch up. Lost some weight which was good. My fitness level has dropped due to field time but it'll come back. Goes to show as a reminder that you lose weight at the table and get fit on the track/ at the gym. I'm trying to focus on a good consistent diet to lose another 10 pounds.

Going to try to implement record keeping for running from here forward. Did 3 miles this morning. A half mile out, a 1m(ile), .75m, .5m, .25m 'sprint' workout then a half mile back.

Was supposed to take a sweet pistol class awhile back but unfortunately work crapped all over that dream. It's not like I talked to my boss 4 months out before booking or anything, oh wait a second I did. Was really depressed about it for a few days but what can ya do. On the plus side I've still got the case of 9mm ammo set aside for whenever I do make it to one. The guy was cool about the whole thing and even though it was just a week out he gave me a full refund. Since it won't work to try anything again for awhile I'll probably put the refund into a case of 62 grain M855 5.56 ammo.

Also on the plus side I ordered a new pocket knife, an Al Mar Eagle HD. My concept of use is for a light EDC blade to do basic tasks and I suppose if needed go all Singer Sewing Machine on somebody. A light, thin knife with a full 4" blade seems like it'll fit the niche well.

Picked up a couple extra stainless steel water bottles recently. Got tired of moving em around. Now I have one to carry, one in my assault pack/ bail out bag/ get home bag, and one in each of our BOB's. Kind of along these lines I have finally unified my military and personal survival level 2.5 systems into one. The full on level 3 entertainment system is a bit more complicated due to different needs and work mandated color schemes. Anyway it's a good exercise to work through.

So that is what I have been up to in terms of preparedness lately. What have you been up to?

Monday, February 3, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Still working the issue with the 870. When I have spare time it'll probably be devoted to sawing, filing, sanding and refinishing the forend of the gun. Can't wait to be done with that.

Walker and I went camping this weekend. We were in the backyard in case it didn't do well. He hadn't ever slept in a tent before. Turns out that we were close enough to the house for the WIFI to work so that was nice after he went to bed. It was pretty fun for both of us. He got to eat dinner and hang out outside. I had a fire and did a bit of carving.We will do it again as soon as we can. After another run or two in the yard we'll go someplace nearby overnight.

Sharpened some knives. One I'd used pretty hard and the other I just wanted to tune up. Figure if I sharpen a couple knives weekly or bi weekly that should go a long way towards having a safe, sharp stable of knives.

Did a bit of gun maintenance also. A good excuse to open the safe and ogle my precious.

I'm in the market for a nice medium sized knife. Concept of use would be bushcrafting/ camping/ survival. Broad characteristics are a 4.5-5.5 inch blade, full tang preferably of the same width/ depth going all the way down the blade and handles slapped onto the side. A sheath I don't immediately want to replace would be a plus. Looking at a Tops Brothers of Bushcraft, the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 or maybe the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter. I'm open for input if anyone has experience with these.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crazy Weather Prep

So today I went outside at about 5:30 am and it was a balmy 45 degrees. By mid morning it was probably 55. Then the mercury dropped like Bernie Maddof's hedge fund shares. By 3 it was under 40 and by 5 it was 35. At 3:30 it started to drizzle. Now the mercury is sitting around 34 and it is raining pretty hard.

The weather people say it is going to turn to freezing rain then snow overnight. The expected overnight low is 20ish. As the weather heats up a bit tomorrow (at least to above freezing) but keep raining till at least mid morning. I know those are warm temps for some places in the winter but I live in Louisiana

At 2 or so today both the parishes in the area had preemptively canceled school for tomorrow. After some hemming and hawing work decided to do the same thing. By 4:45 the answer was "get home before sunset and stay there. See you all Monday." So a spontaneous 3 day weekend seems to have occured.

This is nice because the idea of driving in the snow down here does not appeal to me. Now don't get me wrong, I am quite comfortable driving in the snow and have an amply capable vehicle to do so in. The issues that concern me are 1) the lack of snow plows, sanding trucks, etc all and 2) Cleti. Cleti being the plural of Cletus. Cletus, bless his heart, drives a huge truck and if he has ever driven in snow it's been a couple times in his life. Cleti probably haven't figured out that while a 4x4 truck will go like crazy in the snow it isn't very good at turning or stopping. I do not want to be driving nearby when Cleti finds this out.

Anyway the coming bad weather got me a touch worried. Our infrastructure and the people who maintain it are simply not very used to cold weather. Often usual stresses can bring up known weak points or potential issues that a low probability of occurring made not cost effective to prepare for.

So what did I do to better position myself? Filled up the family hauler that was sitting at a half tank and got some groceries. Didn't absolutely NEED to do either of those things but wanted to. Also having the stuff I want for the next couple days will help me avoid the imprudent trip in bad weather because I really want X. When I got home I moved a bunch of firewood so it was easier to get to. Also plugged in the battery pack thingie to make sure it is charged just in case the power goes out.

Now I'm home planning to watch this whole thing unfold. I can be pretty comfortable no matter what happens so simply not leaving is my plan. Could be entertaining.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a pretty good week here. I ordered the stuff to move forward with Project 870 which is long overdue. Also picked up a castle nut wrench and a wool blanket. Repacked the Bug Out Bag which is good. While not explicitly blog related I worked to knock off eating out. Right now I'm home alone so it's easy and very tempting to just grab something. Last week I ate out once on Friday night so that was good. Got a chef salad for lunch today because I was craving something fresh and green like crazy. Only halfway went shopping last week so fresh and green haven't been on the menu for awhile. This week I'm going to dial it up a notch and try to keep cooking but work in more veggies n fresh fruits. Suppose this means I do need to go shopping pretty quick here, like tomorrow. Between that stuff, finishing Point of Impact and some projects at home I've been a pretty busy beaver.

This coming week I am going to finish the project at home. Hopefully the stuff for Project 870 arrives this week so I can get going on that over the coming weekend. Other than that it's just sustained excellence on all fronts.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ammo Situation PNW 20 DEC 2013

I said awhile back that Firearmagedon was sliding into history. Won't back away from that. Guns are back at full availability. Mags are at full availability. Ammo with the exception of .22lr is back though prices are taking longer to drop down to normal than I would have expected.

Over the last few days I've done some ammo shopping here in the PNW. For reference it is the first time I have done so in about 15 months. Here are some non scientific anecdotal observations.

One shop decreased the amount of space they use for ammo by 2/3rds replacing the shelf space with more accessories, scopes, binoculars, etc. Even the newly adjusted space was not full. For pistols they had plenty of premium defensive ammo but no FMJ range stuff. Plenty of hunting rifle and shotgun ammo. A decent stash of 7.62x39.

The two wally worlds I've been to were hit and miss in terms of ammo. One had the .38 special plinking ammo I was looking for in addition to .40S&W and .45. No 9mm to speak of. They had little hunting rifle ammo but plenty of shotgun and some 7.62x39. The other had a solitary box of .38 plus some .40 S&W and a lot of .223 albeit at current prices.

It looks like you can find ammo for anything but .22lr which was entirely absent. I know it is being made but the stuff is just flying off the shelves. The whole thing has been really weird but in any case if/ when it comes back to a normal inventory I am going to double our stash.

What is the ammo situation like in your AO?

Monday, December 2, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a good week here. Ordered a gun safe, a bunch of AK mags and some shelves for the garage. The gunsafe and shelves were planned, stuff we've been waiting to pull the trigger on for awhile. The AK mags were an impromptu buy based on an excellent price.

Added a few small things to the BOB. Need to get a machete and a mosquito net then it is good to go. Organized some stuff which was good. Split a bit of firewood.

Other than that not a lot happened. Thanksgiving ate up Thursday and Friday. This weekend we didn't do a darn thing which was really needed. Next week I am going to focus on getting some traction on the book. This month was nowhere near as productive as I wanted but given that weekends went to home improvement projects that was to be expected. Honestly we needed to get our residence set up a lot more than I need to finish a book. Hoping to get it done this winter.

Toying with the idea of putting together a nonfiction "best of the blog" type book. It would be a compilation of articles covering my foundational beliefs about different subjects such as weapons, gear, food storage, finances, fitness, insurgencies, etc all. Cost is TBD but would be in the McDonalds value meal to six pack of decent beer range. Does that interest anyone?

What did you do to prepare this week?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quote of the Day Wifey on Stocking Household Items

"I will conceed that sometimes it is helpful to have you. For example I forgot to buy any tin foil for thanksgiving but I have this crazy husband who stockpiles S&*T. Also there are times you go to the field that I do not go shopping for weeks."


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week

Got my war belt configuration figured out.

Got firewood. Also a splitting maul and a couple wedges.

Purchased a kerosene heater, 5 gallons of K1 and a spare wick. 

Organizing some more stuff for the cache. It will go out this week.

Purchased a bunch of kiddo go food at Sam's Club.

It was a pretty good week in terms of preparedness. Also got a lot done for our residence. It isn't over yet but we are a lot closer. Hopefully this week (and weekend) the last parts can get done so we can move back to a more normal life balance.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I was swamped at work this week which hurt the eating healthy (when the boss says "We aren't leaving and we're getting Pizza" it takes a stronger person than I to eat the healthy leftovers in their lunch box with boxes of fresh pizza 6 feet away.) and fitness routines a fair bit. On the fitness side a rest was probably due though so that is OK.

-Got the war belt adjusted and ordered a Safariland 6285 which should finish that system off. Well till I figure out how to stuff another ammo pouch on anyway.

-Put some work into the ALICE Pack that's going to pull Sustainment Load/ BOB duty. Component list here if you are curious. Just cleaning up some corrosion on the metal parts then spray painting it to protect from future occurrences of the same. Other than that I'm looking at some changes for being down here. Skeeter net and juice for starters. Probably going to swap the hawk for a machete. I'm not in swampy Cajun land but lots of brush and small trees seems to be the rule here. Also recently purchased a 2 quart canteen which is going to be added to the side when I get around to sticking it on there.

-Other than that we are still working to get our home set up how we want. Lots of small scale DIY stuff going on here with more to come. Will talk about that later.

-Spent a good chunk of today organizing the garage. Have been working in there off and on for awhile but for whatever reason the efforts today really showed. Instead of stuff EVERYWHERE covering the floor we now have a few piles of like type stuff (tools, camping gear, gun stuff, kid stuff) to sort out and figure what we're going to do with. It's not there yet but I see the probable final solution of a nice organized space which is great. Going to hang some stuff on walls and from the ceiling which should help even more.

-As part of my organizing effort I have a working "to the cache" pile. A couple changes of clothes, a couple blankets, spare Solo Stove that type of stuff. Plan to sort it out, fill any glaring omissions then take it there this week.

So that is what I have been up to. Given that all the action happened this weekend I would say it was a pretty productive week.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Technological issues, Weights and Vehicle Kits

I seem to be having some tech issues with my email. Can read but can't answer emails. Hopefully like many of those bugs/ glitches it'll be better tomorrow.

Chris, Sorry I didn't catch that was time sensitive otherwise I'd have responded before the LTIOV. My bad.

Had a late lifting session but it was a good one. Did a few dips and some stretching then worked up to 125x3 on standing press and 300X3 on deadlift both of which are near term (last 90 days anyway) PR's. Could have done a couple more reps of deadlift but form was getting loose which is bad with heavy weights. Think I'm getting into a routine I like. Some results always help reenforce the behavior to actually go to the gym.

Slowly my vehicle kit is coming together. Put a few days worth of food in there. Mostly so I can forget to pack lunch a few times and not need (vs want) to go out to lunch but it's a couple days worth of food. Tossed in a mag light with a reload of batteries and a wool blanket tonight.

Already present were my get home bag, a pretty decent first aid kit and most of a case of water. Do need to pick up maps of the area when I can. A tarp or poncho would be nice too but otherwise that kit is basically done.

Do need to put together a kit to support the vehicle. Off the top of my head it will look like:
2 quarts oil with funnel
AT fluid
Brake fluid
Could get fancier but that's about it for me. 

It was a pretty long day, much of which was spent writing, so my brain is fried. Maybe I'll be more motivated in upcoming days. Do have a few good posts in my head.

Anyway you all should enter THE SOLO STOVE CONTEST. I added a widget to follow the blog on the bottom right side so that issue should be fixed.

I'm going to catch up on some blogs then go to bed. Good night.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I ordered a case of Tula 122gr HP ammo from Lucky Gunner.

Ordered 250 rounds of 12 gauge #6 shot from Lucky Gunner.

Put together my HSGI War Belt.

Edited to include: Added dog food to the family movers vehicle kit. Also purchased a new flashlight (Streamlight Microstream) to try for EDC. So far I like it a lot. 

This coming week I need to order a holster, put a few finishing touches on the ALICE pack and maybe order some food.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, October 14, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a pretty productive week here. Spent most of my time outside work hanging out with some family who came in and working on our place. Still got some stuff done though.

-Ordered a war belt from HSGI

-Filled the gas cans I ordered from Woot

-Put stabil in all stored gas

-Got stuff to get the oil lantern going

-Working on transitioning to an ALICE pack

-Did some weapons maintenance

What did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, October 7, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a busy week here:

Got some gas cans

Purchased a kerosene lantern and a hack saw at garage sales for considerable discounts

Spent half of Saturday night unpacking and organizing gear

Put together a backup fighting load with a bunch of ALICE stuff I ordered some time ago. Might just add ancillary stuff then talk about it this week.

Lifted 3x and ran 3x. Think I'm getting into a good routine.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, September 30, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Now that we are starting to get settled this reoccurring feature is coming back. So what have we been up to?

-Filled up all the water cans.

-Filled up all the gas cans.

-Organizing stuff and figuring out where the food storage is going to live.

-Went to a local surplus store. Purchased a 2 quart USGI canteen with OD cover and carry strap. On the way out saw a MOLLE II chest rig at a very nice price. Snapped that up, they are a pretty cool piece of kit I will be talking about at some point.

-Moved guns from their temporary home to our new place.

-Put some effort into getting a local cache set up. Mentally taking notes for what to add on my next trip there.

-Hitting PT hard and trying to eat fairly well during the week and not totally loose my mind on the weekends.

That is all I can think of right now. Anyway it's been a pretty productive week here. Getting back to a decent baseline of preparedness which makes me feel a lot more comfortable and able to weather out whatever may come.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Continuing Preparations Amid Difficult Circumstances

Sometimes life throws us curves. Just like other parts of life preparations for uncertain times can be affected by these curves. Today we will talk about different ways to handle adverse situations so they minimize the impact on our overall preparedness levels.

First I think it is important to take a long view of preparedness. Depending on the sort of drivers you are looking to mitigate be they disasters, violence, economic collapse, war or whatever it may be a matter of months, years or decades before you are in a good place to be prepared for these threats. In a 5 year plan a bad week or even month is not that big of an issue. When things are bad a big less happens and when they are good do a bit more to make up for it. [It's also worth noting that even folks in very good setups need to maintain systems and skill sets, rotate stocks, test and repair equipment and all manner of other stuff. The point is that even when the accumulation phase is done there is still some work to maintain it.]

Second I recommend you continue pushing hard for improvement in areas not affected by the difficult situation that is at hand. Say you get cut back to part time, the spouse loses their job or whatever. Obviously that hurts the money situation substantially. Money will obviously be problematic. In fact you might even be dipping into savings and stored food to get by. So the money situation is going to be rough and you might even rotate some food early. That being said there is not a good reason one cannot continue exercising, eating reasonably, doing dry fire practice and such. They can also continue working through different combinations of stuff to find useful systems, of stuff you already have, to meet a variety of needs. People have a bad tendency to have problems in one area then everything falls apart. Example the family who cannot put money into stuff this month might stop exercising, eat their feelings, stop practicing, stop carrying useful gear, etc. In fact one might even push harder in the areas they can continue to pursue. A person who is laid off has plenty of time to work out twice a day and do dry fire practice daily.

Third is that whenever possible create systems that automate and do the work for you. Maybe money is still flowing in but you are too busy to do anything. A scheduled transfer from checking to the crazy fund for every payday will mean there is a nice little wad of cash when time slows down enough to go shopping. A solid system of rotating shelf stable food makes it easy to keep things up. You get the idea.

Lastly work a bit harder when things go back to normal or hopefully improve beyond normal. Work hard to make up lost ground and gain some more. Taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves is important. When it comes to money be prudent and intentional about any new (not typical and already allocated) gains.

Hope that helps you all have some ideas for keeping going during hard times. Your input on how to keep preparing during hard times would be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pairing Pistols For Field and CCW Needs

On my recent road trip the two pistols I chose to keep handy were a pair of Glock 9mm's, large and small. A friend of the blog Chris once described their "his and hers tactical/ carry setup" of subcompact and compact pistols. They chose .40 cal M&P's. The .40 S&W is a fine round (even ball ammo is pretty hot) though it can have issues in some pistols (like they blow up). In any case the point here is not to get into a cartridge or pistol debate but the idea. It could be Glock 9mm's which would be my preference but you could also do XD 45's or whatever.

The advantages of this setup are numerous. Familiarity is one. Common calibers between pistols is another. Most will take the same magazines from larger to smaller (though not visa versa). A guy with a pair of Glock 9mm's say a 19 and a 26 could buy one type of 9mm defensive ammo, and go heavy on Glock 17 mags with a few 26's to keep in the smaller gun for CC. Also (though I am not sure this is the case for all guns) just about every part except the barrel, frame and slide on a Glock 9mm (also .40) is the same. So it even makes streamlining spare parts easier.

For revolver fans I would go with a J framed .38/.357mag and a full sized 4" .357.  I would recommend for concealed carry the smaller revolver should probably be a lightweight type vs a small steel J that might as well be made of lead. A J frame in .357 magnum would be great but .38 special is sufficient. (Speaking of which here is 1k in .38 ammo for $420). Some would note a steel J will probably last longer but these little guns tend not to get much play anyway so for most the issue is negligible. An Airweight J frame like my 642 is an excellent CCW revolver.

For the full sized revolver I would strongly recommend a .357 magnum over a .38. The .38 is a fine round but .357 mag is a real stopper. Also if dangerous animals are a concern with the right load .357 mag is a solid bear killer (though not Grizzly or huge Alaskan bear's which are .44mag and up). The versatility of that setup would range from a great woods gun to concealed carry in town with plenty of plinking fun in the middle. An excellent setup for wheel gunners.

We could quibble makers and models all day long but there are numerous good options. As my finances become a bit more comfortable over the years Smith and Wesson revolvers are becoming the norm. However that's largely because Ruger's haven't been available PP when I was looking. For sheer ruggedness a Ruger SP101, though a brick to carry, and a GP100 are probably the way to go. In any case I would be careful with Taurus's and inclined to avoid other makers.

I'm not saying you absolutely need to have more than one pistol but it is certainly nice. The second gun buys you a lot of options. If the gear and ammo for them is compatible that's certainly a benefit. Worth thinking about beforehand so you do not end up with a Glock 9mm carry pistol and a Sig .40 for tactical stuff with nothing compatible between the two.

On an unrelated note.  The emphasis on large "tactical" type pistols in modern training for civilians sort of bothers me. Folks going to the range and doing classes with a full sized or almost full sized pistol that has a tac light, maybe a red dot and extended magazines. That is cool but most of those folks do not actually carry those guns around. Spending all your training time on a full sized handgun then carrying a .32 in your pocket which has half a box of ammo through it a decade ago is called missing the point. While banging out a bunch of rounds and doing cool guy stuff is satisfying folks need to put a significant portion of their pistol training time and resources into the pistol(s) they actually carry on a regular basis.

Anyway the point I'm getting at is to think a bit and try to choose a set of pistols that compliment each other to suit all of your needs while keeping an eye on simple logistics.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

How Out Are You As A Survivalist?

First off I have to credit Commander Zero for inspiring this post.  When it comes to preparedness and survivalism there is a consideration of how much to expose to others. Zero has previously compared this with being gay or some other not widely accepted and arguably deviant behavior.

Giving our more conservative readers a second to adjust to the comparison it is very valid. Compare the normal "prepper" to someone who is totally in the closet and the dude who wears BDU's all the time, has a custom camo painted surplus truck full of political/ gun bumper stickers, etc to the assless chaps (though really by definition chaps are assless, that's what makes em chaps instead of pants) shirtless with leather vest dude at the gay pride parade.

[Look if there is any confusion I genuinely do not care who anyone has sex with so long as they are consenting adults. Be gay, strait, or change it up on Tuesdays, whatever. That's not what this blog is about.]

Part of the issue with being in the closet is that it is difficult to meet like minded people for friendship, to work together and of course for mutual support. You'll miss out on a lot by not getting involved with like minded people. That sucks.

Of course the other side has it's issues also. Part of your life can make the rest difficult. Just like the guys from golf might not approve of Man Disco Friday they might not be a huge fan of Crazy Bunker everyday. You get the point.

Most people tend to choose something between the two extremes.

First of all it is my general belief that people can, for lack of a better way of saying it, smell their own. Be it sexual lifestyle choices, drugs, survivalism or whatever folks can usually pick others with similar choices out from the pack. This is darn near unavoidable if you spend more than a little bit of time around eachother.

It is worth considering that a persons environment largely guides what is 'normal' and thus what is abnormal. For example in many parts of the western US it is common for people to carry handguns for a variety of reasons and a rifle in a rack is not uncommon. Folks who are in certain trades may tend to carry different tools or fixed blade knives. Conversely some professional jobs in big cities dictate suits and terribly impractical shoes. Personally being in the Army and thus living around bases I can carry a fairly aggressive tactical type knife like a Benchmade auto and wear a rigger belt without undue attention.

In preparedness we gain or sacrifice capabilities depending on how out we choose to be. A tiny swiss army knife with a 1/2 inch blade beats no knife but a 4" folder would be a lot better. Boots or comfortable shoes sure beat dress shoes in a disaster. You get the point.

I think we all have to consider how much is gained or sacrificed by our level of overt survivalism.

Personally I carry a fairly large tactical type knife and wear a gun manufacturer hat albeit a discrete one. In Arizona I open carried about half the time. How out that is I'm not sure. For my area I'm fairly out in terms of dress but for others it would be pretty shocking.

Also how much we do or do not talk about survivalism with others is a consideration. Talking can help you convert people or gain like minded allies but it can also alientate you from others who find the whole thing shocking and put you at risk. A neighbor who thinks preparedness is whacky might come knocking when a disaster strikes. 

In this area I play it pretty safe. Very good friends and close family are tracking the broad strokes of what I do but strangers, neighbors, folks at work, etc do not need to know. The rewards do not even out the various risks. Every once in awhile you stumble into somebody who just seems to think the same way so maybe you talk more with them when others are not around.

Both being out and being discrete have pluses and minuses. It is worth noting that it's easy to go from being discrete to a bit more overt and short of moving a long distance and dealing with totally new people almost impossible to do the opposite. Once the genie is out of the bottle it's out. It is really about what is right for your goals and lifestyle.

So how out are you?

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