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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Magnified Optics on Fighting Rifles

Saw this video and found it to be interesting. As a general rule I like 1 magnification red dot type optics for CQB type stuff. They are the fastest thing out there. The downside is they are not great at long range. In fairness you can HIT at fairly long ranges with them (say 300-400m) but the issue is target identification. As Peter noted in Thoughts on Combat Weapon Sights for Civilians this is significant. I'd really like to be sure what I am shooting at since as a Civilian I do not have the type of functional immunity that cops and soldiers who act semi reasonably (or not) tend to get.

Also while folks can often engage targets, albeit with limited identification, at distances beyond 200m almost everybody shoots better with magnification. Without a doubt I shoot project AR with a magnified optic a whole lot more precision than a red dot.

I used to have an ACOG but as affordable rugged optics like the MTAC (John tried like hell to break one and all it did was damage one of the adjustments) have come onto the market I think there are better options. My personal choice for an all around fighting rifle is a low to moderate variable magnification optic with an illuminated reticle. My MTAC is a 1-4x which acts a lot like a red dot up close. I keep it set at 1x but can crank it up to 4 if needed. They also make a 1.5-6x version that John Mosby has. If/ when I end up building another AR I'll likely go this route.

For a more designated marksmen type setup I would either get a scope that starts at a slightly higher power like a 3x9 or 4-12 or pay big money for a scope with a larger magnification range like a 2-8 or something.

Thoughts? What kind of optic is on your fighting rifle?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RIP Robery 'Barry' Elliot

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I let you know Barry of IraqVet888 has passed. Eric has some more information.

Unfortunately after doing some google 'research' it seems Barry had some legal and medical issues during the months before his passing. Out of respect I will not get into his business but will say that we are all human and have shortcomings. I will not detract from the 2A supporter, trainer, firearms educator, character and arguably the best tactical beard owner ever Barry was by degrading his name in any way. Nor will I tolerate that talk here.

There is a fund to help the family with his final costs online if you want to donate. I think if you've every enjoyed his piece of the Iraqvet888 page a Jackson ($20) is a fair contribution for the entertainment he gave you. I will be donating to the cause myself. Making sure Barry can rest in peace is worth a small contribution. Whatever shortcomings he may have had Barry is a good man who deserves respectful and appropriate final arraignments.

 Honestly this whole thing depresses the shit out of me.

In closing I will leave you with what is probably my favorite Barry video and certainly the best multi big name youtube collaboration, the Hoss USMC Pony and Barry Backpack.

 RIP Barry, we miss you. Youtube will never be the same without you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Open Line

I've got nothing and my brain is completely fried. Offer up a suggestion of what you'd like to see more of here and I'll consider it. Ask a question and presuming it doesn't compromise my personal opsec or slip into anything blatantly illegal I will answer it.

So fire away....

Edited to include Max Velocity linked to this funny video titled How to be an Operator

For whatever it's worth I think that whole dress like a cool SOF dude fashion thing is totally silly. If SOF types wear those clothes, which is a big IF, it is because they got the stuff for free at work. You are far more likely to see a SOF guy walking around in a random t shirt, jean/ cargo pants/ work out shorts and a beat up baseball hat from his favorite college team than looking like a catalog for "Urban Ninja Elite clothing'. Throw an ambiguous fleece plus a set or two of sterile uniforms into the mix and that guy's good to go for an actual deployment.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Master Ken's Ameri-Do-Te

The Neck Break appeared in the comments over at Mountain Guerilla. Video follows....
I enjoyed it then got to looking. This guy has his own channel with 80+ videos. Totally hilarious.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Low Cost High Value Guns

He doesn't talk the used market which was central to my Basic Guns series (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 1.75, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 4.5) but given all the dynamics of that market it is understandable and probably easier to talk new prices.

For rifles going with a Mosin Nagant or a 30-30 lever gun are both great options. The Mosin wins for economics and if you want to scope it while the 30-30 wins for class and well 'Merica. Also some new rifles like the Savage Axis and Ruger American (neither of which I have experience with) really push the value envelope.

For pistols I would probably still take an old S&W .38 or Ruger .38/.357 but upon reflection for this discussion their price point is a bit aggressive for this nitche. Also when you can get an S&W Shield (if you can find one), an S&W Sigma or any manner of Ruger P series pistols in the $400 range it is a hard sell to shop around and pay a bit more for a wheel gun.

For shotguns I would lean hard towards the Maverick 88. It is Mossberg's off brand so the finish is a bit rougher than the already not perfect Mossberg BUT IT IS A FUNCTIONAL PROVEN GUN. Second would be the H&R Pardner. I have heard good things from smart people about them.

My .22 would either be a Marlin model 60 or some sort of basic bolt gun, maybe an older common but potentially no longer made used one.

Figuring $300-350 for the rifle if you go lever/ bolt or $200 for a Mosin, $400 for a handgun, $200 for a shotgun and a bit more than a hundred bucks for a .22 for slightly more than a grand you could get 4 good guns that will serve you well. Figuring under a grand used is very realistic, if you want a lever gun or new budget bolt gun (Axis, etc) it will be a little bit more. That is a lot of money for some folks but spread out over a year or two (you will also need ammo, etc) it is pretty realistic.

Sure you could cobble together a combination of guns that would be cheaper but I want this to be good solidly decent guns you won't be rushing out to replace in a couple years. These guns are good for any manner of self defense stuff. For gunnies who may already own their working guns these would offer a lot of value for back up's and caches.

(Note I used my best guesses on prices to put this together. Lets not get too bogged down in exact prices. Sure deals do pop up occasionally but the days of $150 used S&W police trade in revolvers, $80 Mosin's, $125 SKS's and $350 AK's are long gone so save me your outdated and misleading price estimations.)


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Link Dump

AK PMAGs coming to a distributor near you. I can't wait to order up a dozen. Reliable, quality, reasonably prices polymer mags will sell like hot cakes.

Gun ownership is on the rise.

New York Cops call "Knock Out Game" harassment not assault. Well that is unless you are white at which point it is a hate crime.

R Lee Ermey and Iraq Vet 888 talk the new Glock 41 and 42. Between them and Massad Ayoob folks are saying good things about the G42. It may get some legs but I think price is going to be an issue if it comes in around the usual Glock tab. Is it better than an S&W Bodyguard or Ruger LCP, probably but a couple hundred dollars better I am not so sure.

The longslide G42 .45 will probably find a modest following as a competition gun. An LEO or open carry type civilian who is packing a G21 now might as well go for a longer slide radius. I don't think many folks are CCWing a G21 now and the standard sized Glock is a bit short for a full sized Duty gun anyway.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Most Awesome Gun Video Ever!!!!

There are lots of people in the gun community who do great things and share their knowledge/ promote their training/ products on youtube. However it is good to laugh at ourselves as a community and not take things too seriously. Enter this video.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tripple Barreled Shotgun PF Edition Intro

TEOTWAWKI Blog teased it now we get a better look

Honestly an 8 pound short barreled shotgun seems like a hard sell to me. That you cannot select the firing order, to fire load A instead of load B based on conditions is also problematic. Heck an 870 with a 28" barrel that HOLDS MORE THAN 3 ROUNDS weight's 7 and change. They haven't mentioned MSRP but last time Chiapa tried to sell the triple threat the MSRP was in loony tunes land. I greatly admire Dave Canterbury and enjoy most of his gear but this does not seem like a winner to me.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pastor Joe Fox on the Mossberg 500

Pastor Joe speaks the truth as always. The Mossberg 500 is a perfectly serviceable shotgun that offers a bit more value than it's main competitor the Remington 870. The price difference will let you get the combo pack with both short and long barrels which is a heck of a setup. I had one that served me faithfully for around a decade before it was traded away in order to transition into only owning Remington 870's. Sort of miss that gun.

I switched to the 870 because it has a smoother action and a larger spare/ aftermarket parts base. The downsides are that 870's are a bit more expensive and the safety is not well placed. Since my shotgun concept of use is not safe heavy I don't mind but if you are concerned with that the Mossberg is a clear choice. Also the lower cost, without sacrificing reliability, of the Mossberg 500 makes it the clear choice for the budget conscious.

In particular the 22 inch removable choke barrel like Pastor Joe has offers a ton of utility. I've heard that setup described as the ultimate shotgun with a lot of validity. Admittedly there is a compromise there but for just 1 shotgun with just 1 barrel to fill a lot of purposes it would be my choice.

The Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 are both great guns with different strong points. Both will serve you well in any tasks a shotgun is capable of.

If I was a totalitarian dictator I would mandate that the Remsburg 8750 be made. It would be an 870 with a better, more durable finish and Mossberg style tang safety and front left slide release. Anyway,

Just get a good pump shotgun or twelve of them.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Arnold Schwartzenegger Kill Count

28 minutes 509 deaths. It is a self proclaimed compilation of all Arnold's movie and tv kills. May have missed one or two but it's pretty darn comprehensive all the same. Rated nothing but violence.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

RE: Hoss USMC on the FBI Miami 86 Gunfight

This case is very interesting. I absolutely agree with Hoss on the importance of using cover. If nothing else like Max Velocity says Get LOW.

As to revolvers vs pistols. Double stack pistols offer an undeniable advantage in round count. A loaded Glock 17 is equal to an S&W model 19 PLUS TWO SPEEDLOADERS. You'd have to have a whole belt o speedloaders to equal the Glock plus 2 spare mags. Then again the power of the old Combat Masterpiece can come in handy sometimes.

Granted the whole thing was a total cluster F and agents carrying auto pistols didn't perform much better but to say this incident highlighted the long reload time under realistic combat conditions is an understatement. The revolvers slow reload time was unfortunately a big part of why some FBI agents did not come home that day. To the inevitable person who links to Jerry Miculek or Bob Munden reloading a revolver in .024 seconds 1) They are not using realistic duty gear. 2) The average decent shooter is not Jerry Miculek or Bob Munden. 3) The amount of manipulation required to reload a revolver is absolutely more than a mag fed auto. More manipulation means more time and more things to go wrong. If the death of the service revolver had to be attributed to a single incident it would without a doubt be the Miami 1986 gunfight.

Does this absolutely mean a magnum revolver as a duty/ go handgun is not a valid option? I don't think so. Just because there is a better option doesn't mean a revolver is not a viable tool. I'll get to the specific issues that I believe were more important in a minute.

I am hesitant to criticize the individual agents for their performance or lack thereof. Aside from the worst luck ever, which some could attribute to flaws in their training, a couple things worked against them.

First and foremost the FIBs faced trained and determined opponents, particularly Platt. The FBI agents failed to act as a group; training in contact drills would have helped a lot. This brings up the fact that lots of bad people do in fact have training and experience. IMO both Platt or Maddox were probably better trained for a full on gunfight than the FBI agents.  Also the bad guys were very focused and probably more willing to accept risk than the FBI agents. A trained person who doesn't really care if they die and wants to take as many people with them as possible is going to cause a lot of damage.

Why Maddox was not really a factor in the fight is unknown to this day. It is however good for the agents as if Maddox had pulled his share there would've been a lot more casualties.

Secondly Platt had a magazine fed RIFLE while the agents were armed primarily with various handguns and a couple shotguns. The round count, accuracy and lethality of rifles is such that anybody armed with a pistol is at a huge disadvantage. The results of the fight show this enough I do not need to belabor the point.

I consider the lack of rifles to be more of a critical gear problem for the FBI agents than the specific handguns they were carrying. Had every agent been carrying a Mini-14 or AR-15 variant this fight might have gone down differently, no matter the wheel guns on their hips.  Even the most antiquated rifle is better than just a pistol in a fight. A model 1894 30-30 in a FBI agents hand could have ended this fight a lot faster with fewer casualties.

This event, followed by the North Hollywood shoot out led to the swap out of shotguns in favor of rifles as the law enforcement back up long gun. For a variety of reasons that changeover was a lot slower than the move from wheel guns to pistols and there are still plenty of 870's riding around in cop cars today. Shotgun vs rifle is another discussion but from a strictly combative angle (excluding for a minute economics, legality in anti freedom areas and versatility) I will take a rifle every single time. There is nothing a fighting shotgun does that a fighting rifle cannot do better.

Lethality vs incapacitation:
It is critically important to understand the difference between these two things and why it matters. Obviously lethality means death. Incapacitation means a person is seriously degraded or outright incapable of being an active combatant. Incapacitation is not always lethality. Example, a bullet goes through a person's arm and another hits the hand on the other side. Dude can't manipulate a weapon and as such is incapacitated. Dude's odds of living are very high and he'll probably make a good recovery but for the sake of this fight he is no longer a factor. Lethality is a bit more problematic. A person dying eventually does not make them cease to be a threat right now.

Platt is the textbook example of this. The 9mm round to his chest early in the fight was probably an unsurvivable wound. He could have been on the table in Johns Hopkins and it would not have mattered. However in the time it took for Platt to die (during which he was shot several times) he extracted a fearsome toll.

Don't just expect to shoot somebody once and have them die immediately. The human body is a weird machine, a fraction of an inch can be the difference between immediate lethality and a drawn out death or even a totally survivable wound. If somebody is worth shooting they are worth shooting a lot. Continue shooting your enemy until they are incapacitated and no longer a threat.

Wrapping it up:
Use cover
Do not just be a bunch of individuals, work as a team with your compatriots
Double stack pistols beat auto's as a duty gun
Have a rifle handy for prolonged situations
Expect to shoot somebody a lot before they cease to be a viable threat

So those are my thoughts on that. What is your take?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Is Crossfit?

Warning: The video below contains language that may be offensive to some. If you do not like bad words then skip the video. You have been warned.

 I saw this on youtube and just had to watch it. Amusement followed. All fun aside I believe in crossfit type conditioning in the format where some sort of logical scientific programing is used for strength. Example warm up, power lifting routing along Jim Wendler, Mark Riptoe, etc type program then a cross fit type circuit routine that uses functional exercises or some running. Obviously ones routine needs to be appropriately scaled to their level of fitness and make sense for their goals. I do believe in lots of strength training and cardio for general purpose preparation but common sense needs to be applied. Obviously 40 year old house wife who wants to love 30 pounds and a skinny kid who wants to play football should not have the exact same routine. John Mosby talked this recently.

Aside from people who do stupid work out's and use terrible form I don't have an issue with Crossfit. Well except that some practitioners take themselves too seriously.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Morgan Freemen Reads "What Does The Fox Say"

Walker asked to watch The Fox. While watching it Youtube brought this video up so of course I had to check it out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Cheese With Wise Pouches!!!

Place "Cheese Promo" in your order comments and get a free 56.5g can of Bega Canned Cheese with every Wise Foods pouch!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Justifying New Gun Purchases

 There are some valid points here. Assuming a gun is purchased at a reasonable price and sold in roughly comparable condition in a non fire sale 'got to sell it today' way they hold their value quite well. Do however note there are a few qualifiers there.

 I think this decision is a lot easier for gun enthusiasts/ tacticly minded type folks than survivalists or their toned down better dressed cousins 'preppers'. A shooter can buy the cool new gun they want and assuming it's not a financially ruinous move (buying a SCAR-H on a credit card, etc) then rock on. A survivalist on the other hand has different stuff to look at. It's not just 'do I need this gun' or even 'do I want this gun' anymore.

For a survivalist it's more like 'Do I have enough ammo for the guns I own now?' All the guns in the world are useless without ammo. From a utilitarian survivalism perspective a pair of good fighting rifles or even better one per family member of either something AR-15 based or AK-47's then lots of ammo is probably the right answer. (If your pockets are deep I guess .308's are fine) Stocking deep on 5.56 or 7.62x39 to keep the guns you own fed is more important than buying a SCAR/ Steyr-Aug/FN-2000 for fun.

Even aside from ammo should that money be going into food or fuel or a Berkey water filter, or a Titan Ready Water barrel rack system to hold a couple hundred gallons of water or training to use the guns you have?

In short for survivalists you cannot have too many guns but can certainly short yourself elsewhere to get a new toy.

Friday, November 15, 2013

James Yeager Bug Out Experiment #4 of 7

James Yeager is a pretty polarizing figure (to say it mildly). He makes a lot of brash points, many of which are right or at least have some legitimate points. Anyway enough about him and onto this series. This video series has been quite interesting. It has touched on concept of use and names of bags, survival vs bush crafting, the importance of systems that work together and all kinds of other stuff. I am probably going to touch on those topics, among others, soon. Anyway I am eager to see where the next 3 videos go.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Not Dead, Just Busy. Here is Some Music

Yesterday I pretty much finished the door project. Today we got fire wood then started laying a laminate (fake wood type) floor. Stopped at 10:30 because it occurred to me the neighbors might not appreciate a power saw going outside that late.

Getting the projects done is definitely my priority this weekend. Will return to normal posting after that. 

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